Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ear Candy - John Meeks

Support local music! I have been playing this John Meeks record like it's going out of style. His debut album is full of Americana/ Alt Country jams. Jimmy LaValle from The Album Leaf plays bass on several of the tracks. This song "Been Down By Love" is quite possibly my favorite track. Press play now, thank me later.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Down With The Brits

As I have mentioned before... I am super excited for the 2010 FIFA World Cup to get going. South Africa will play Mexico for the first game of the Cup tomorrow morning. I will be up at 6, possibly with a beer in hand, to welcome the start of the greatest tournament there is.

I can't wait for the USA vs. England game on Saturday morning. I think the Brits are a little cocky about their chances of beating USA and for steamrolling through Group C. Yes, they are a good team that deserve respect and will most likely move onto the next round, but this front page article from The Sun, really chaps my ass. This article makes me want us "Yanks" to stomp on those "Limeys". Lets see how EASY this group will really be. Go USA! Ole Ole Ole Ole!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Goonies Never Say Die

It's hard to believe that The Goonies came out 25 years ago. Holy shit! That makes me feel pretty old. But strangely, the thought of The Goonies makes me feel young at heart. That movie is the quintessential 80's movie. The cast recently reunited in Astoria, Oregon, where the movie was shot for reminiscing and I assume to give each other high fives for being awesome. Director Richard Donner announced that the long-rumored sequel is a definite thing and will involve as much of the old cast as possible. Hot damn!

Funny Story... Meg and I found ourselves in Astoria on a roadtrip many moons ago. We came to the realization that Astoria was the name of the town in The Goonies, and noticed how similar the town looked. We were convinced that we could find the house that Mikey lived in (where Chunk had to do the Truffle Shuffle to get in the gate). We spent the good part of a day looking for it, with no success. It was an amazing day. I felt like we were Goonies looking for a hidden treasure. Destiny will take us back to Astoria one day to finish what we started. Goonies never say die!

I don't know how this scene from the movie has eluded me for 25 years, but I just saw this deleted scene from the movie for the first time. This is movie magic. Must have been heartbreaking for Steven Spielberg and Donner to cut out of the movie. Feast your eyes on this gem.

Ear Candy - Mumford and Sons

This is my jam right now. It's catchy as hell. So bummed I missed their show at Belly Up on Sunday. Can't catch em all I guess. I make a vow to my ears, to promise and catch their show next time they are in town. In the meantime... I will listen to "Little Lion Man" on repeat. Now you can too!