Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tasty Licks on Electric Synth Guitar

I know that I could not make this guitar sound like this... but that fact does not deter me from wanting to melt some faces with this synth axe!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gorillaz - "Stylo"

On the heels of yesterday's announcement of Gorillaz headlining Sunday night of Coachella, a new song was "leaked" (insert finger quotes here) onto the internet today. "Stylo" will be the first single off the Gorillaz 3rd album, Plastic Beach, due out in March. I am always amazed by the Gorillaz ability to collaborate with such diverse group of artists. Plastic Beach will have contributions from Mick Jones (Clash), Snoop Dogg, Lou Reed and Mos Def. Can't wait to hear the entire album. Give it a listen.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Coachella lineup announcement was dropped this morning. I am psyched about all the amazing bands that will grace the Empire Polo Club fields in Indio. Once again, Coachella falls on my birthday. Its like a fantastic birthday cake that's baked especially for me, except there will be more short shorts, sweltering heat, tight pants, Toms, fanny packs, and ironic mustaches than I usually prefer on my cake. Going to be another eclectic mix of musical goodness this year. See you out there friends!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rain Drops Keep Fallin' On My Head

So we are in the midst of Storm Watch 2010! By all reports this storm could bring more rain in a weeks time than the average annual rainfall for SD. So with rain on the brain, (see what I did there?) I decided to compile a list of my favorite songs about rain. I couldn't believe how many great songs came to mind. My list turned into a top 20. In no particular order....

“A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall” – Bob Dylan
“Africa” – Toto
“Have You Ever Seen The Rain” – CCR
“No Rain” – Blind Melon
“Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” – B.J. Thomas
“Blame It On The Rain” – Milli Vanilli
“Purple Rain” – Prince
“Singin’ In The Rain” – Gene Kelly
“I Can’t Stand The Rain” – Missy Elliott
“Why Does It Always Rain On Me” – Travis
“It Wish It Would Rain Down” – Phil Collins
“November Rain” – Guns N’ Roses
“I Love A Rainy Night” – Eddie Rabbitt
“Fire & Rain” – James Taylor
“I Can See Clearly Now” – Johnny Nash
“Box of Rain” – Grateful Dead
“Rain” – The Beatles
“Here Comes The Rain Again” – The Eurythmics
“I’m Only Happy When it Rains” – Garbage
“(Here Comes The) Rain” – The Cult

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LOST: The Last Supper

LOST is quite possibly the best TV show, ever! There, I said it. I have never been so interested a show like this. Those of you who are into the show know exactly what I'm talking about. Those of you who are not, think that I am nuts. I can respect that.

I am so excited for this, the final season of LOST. They just put out these promo photos with the cast in a famous setting of The Last Supper. I have always loved all the religious innuendos on the show. The Last Supper photos are so fitting. Not surprising that John Locke is portrayed as the Christ figure.

Leonardo Da Vinci's original painting.

The Onion: Highlights from CES

The 2010 Consumer Electronics Show took place last week in Las Vegas. Here are some of the must-have gadgets rolled out by the big manufacturers:

  • Panasonic—Alarm Fax 2000: Never be late again with the help of this machine, which sends you a fax with a rousing wake-up message of your choosing
  • Texas Instruments—TI-101 Graphing Bassoon: This powerful, user-friendly calculator-meets-sonorous-woodwind is perfect for the multitasking high school student
  • Amazon—Kindle LE: For users nostalgic for paper, this e-book reader signals a logging crew to cut down 10 trees for every book purchased with the device
  • iTunes—"Taylor Swift Breathes": Using nanotechnology, this new MP3 enables you to feel Taylor Swift's hot breath on your neck as she sings
  • Radioshack—Big Sack of Adapters: The right one is probably in there somewhere
  • Carl's Jr.—Stent Burger: This new menu item contains a small "smart stent" that implants itself in the heart and opens blocked arteries following consumption of the burger
  • Bose—Noise-Postponing Headphones: Using Bose's patented SoundDelay technology, these headphones store ambient distractions for up to six hours before unleashing them all at once against the wearer's eardrums.
  • Ford Motor Company—The Ford Fiesta: This new tech- heavy update to the longtime model comes with the Sync system, which allows drivers to customize their dash display, synchronize their iPhone, update their social networking site, and have their corpse embalmed when they hit a tree while taking advantage of the car's functionality.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dean Potter is My Hero

Dean Potter has been pushing the limits in the climbing world for years. His free solos and speed ascents in Yosemite and Patagonia are unparalleled. In recent years he has got more into BASE jumping. Check out this video of him throwing himself off Switzerlands Eiger armed with a wingsuit and parachute. It is the longest BASE jump ever, covering some 9,000 vertical feet and nearly four miles. Potter spent two minutes and 50 seconds in flight. Human flight... what a dream!

Want It...

My inner child is screaming, loudly for this toy. Not sure why... Maybe it's the rad promo video, or the 4 propellers, or the fact that you can change out the body frame, or that you can control with iPhone. Yep, it's all of those things. C'mon, I know you want one too!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Force Is Strong With These Shoes...

Hot damn, Adidas + Star Wars have teamed up with one of the best collaborations I have seen. Inspired by the epic saga, each shoe represents different scenes and characters from Darth to Yoda. Check out the whole collection on Sneaker Freaker.

And apparel...

If only I would have had these Darth Vader kicks and this hoody at Comic-Con this year. It's the only thing that could have made this picture any better.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Snuggie Fever

The Snuggie was undoubtedly the gift of the holiday season. The Snuggie took the country by storm by convincing folks that a reversed robe is revolutionary.

Not to be outdone by the Snuggie, Japan has introduced their own version. Same concept, but even nuttier. This mobile mummy sleeping back looks great for someone that has no use of their arms. I'm not sure what this doo-hickey is called because I don't read Japanese (only speak it), but I'm guessing its called How-Do-I-Get-Outta-This-Thingie.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine = Actual Name of Movie

This movie is going to be awesome! It has all the necessary components for a hit... Chevy Chase, 80's ski movie, hot tub and time machines. I smell an Oscar.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Check Me Out... I'm an Avatar!

I just saw Avatar in IMAX 3D. Wowzers! Avatar is the most visually stunning film I have ever seen in my life. Seriously! This is the way I remember feeling after seeing Star Wars for the first time. For once, you can believe the hype that is surrounding this movie. If you haven't seen it... Do It!

I found this program where you can Avatarize yourself. I am a total nerd for this stuff. I try not to support McDonald's in anything they do, but this is pretty cool. Take this opportunity to turn yourself into a blue giant. Can you see the resemblance? I think I make a great Avatar. Now if I could only find a way to ride a dragon...

Friday, January 1, 2010

So This Is The New Year!

Happy New Year! 2010 is here to stay. At least for 365 days. I have a great feeling about this year. Can you feel it? I look forward to see what TwentyTen has in store for me. As I work on that, enjoy Death Cab For Cutie. Cheers!